It's been one of those weeks for me where I've felt out of sorts, discouraged at work, and like I'm just losing steam. I've had a fair amount of stress and exhaustion in the last few days, so when I arrived at home and was able to vent, my husband listened nicely and let me try to come up with ideas of things that would cheer me up. I began to get dinner ready, doom and gloom hovering over my head, when my man pulled me in for a big bear hug. I FINALLY started to feel myself relax. Covered in pork loin juice and standing in the kitchen, I let myself be calmed. Just as the sweet relief of my hubby's hug began to wash over me, he started to bounce me up and down and sing "Lean On Me". Then, in the middle of the chorus, he stops and exclaims, "Oh! I know! We can sing old negro spirituals! That will cheer us up!" I'm not sure if it was the pent up frustrations from the week or if it was just funny that a burly, bouncing Caucasian would get that excited about negro spirituals. But he was right. It did cheer me up :).