Kids say the darndest things. Unfortunately, teenages just say rude things. I had a teenager say to me today, "You'd know that song if you weren't so old. What are you, like, 23 or something?" Luckily I like this child (and I honestly don't think she was trying to be rude... it just comes naturally to her). Had I NOT liked this sweet teen, I probably would have informed her that the sidewalk could get her back home just as well as my car. Not only am I old, but I'm 5 years older than she even thought old was. So that makes me older than old. I'm nearing 29, and I'll be honest, I think that's a lousy number. It's almost 30, yes... so that automatically makes me cringe. But I really don't like the number 29 (which is strange because I love me some prime numbers!). It would probably not be so bad being my age, except for the fact that I honestly feel OLDER than my older than old age... anyone else out there find themselves going to work, getting tired around 3pm, needing a coffee to get enough of a boost for the drive home, making some dinner, complaining about indegestion, and then retiring to bed to watch some HGTV as you snack on vitamins and multi-grain crackers? Really now, what kind of 28-year-old does this? Time to start looking through the AARP mail, downing the Gingko Biloba, and getting that ramp built.

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