Apparently my husband has lost interest (rather rapidly, I might add) in the conversations that I start up with him regarding my ovulation cycle. I can't imagine why he, as the father of our future children, would find this topic in any way "icky" or taboo, but alas, it has happened. He no longer cares to hear about peeing on a stick, reading an ovulation meter, or the details of why it's not ok to "get it on" certain days as opposed to others. He has decided that from now on, he will simply touch my stomach and ask, "Baby?" If the answer is no, he does not want to get grossed out hearing why, and if it's yes, he simply doesn't CARE why. He has also chosen to refer to my ovaries from here on out as "chickens". The word "ovary" apparently doesn't set well with him, and since both ovaries and chickens lay eggs, he has chosen the mature route regarding all reproductive talk. So tonight, me and my internal chickens are going to curl up with a good book and a movie... all alone... just as my pee stick instructed.