For the better part of 3 days I've been being choked by an invisible force between my adam's apple and my collar bone. I went to the doctor for one problem, he probed around at my thyroid for a while, and now I'm being choked 24/7, causing me to gag several times per minute. Let me assure you that yes, this is the most frustrating feeling I've ever had (not to be confused with the most painful....just thoroughly irritating!). Thank  you to the previously mentioned Dr. Pro-Appetite, he has NO idea what is wrong with my throat, but he's conviced that it's a matter that requires him to giggle repeatedly while I tell him about my situation. Seriously, the man is BEYOND lacking in the appropriate social skills department.
   There is always a silver lining in a day.... and in my day, this happens to be that my throat feels non-gaggy when I eat something (talk about a fantastic way to medicate!). Which is convenient because this happens to be the day when my husband greats me with a delicious breakfast, my partner shares a tasty lunch with me, and my man spontaneously cooks dinner (AND washes the dishes when he's done!). Don't let my gag fool you... I'm pretty pleased:).

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