My spoiled husband has taken to "rating" my dinners as of late. I'm actually given a grade on various courses of the meal, followed by a critique of "a little under seasoned" or "a bit too much garlic" or "it just feels like it's missing something". The other day I made catfish (for the first time ever) with panko bread crumbs, lemon, and cajon seasoning. It was DELICIOUS, but my husband rated it a B+. He had sersiouly one bite of fish that was a little lemony and he proceded to scrape off most of the crust after that. Today I made Chicken Monterey, corn, and a creamy fruit bowl. It was a very quick and easy meal, but came out perfect. What did he give me? An A-! What was the minus for? It could have used just a "touch" more salt. Do you want a rating, "dear"? How's this... C. It stands for couch. Enjoy.