I was able to get my lazy butt out of bed this morning in time to join the Boot Camp class at the YMCA. I try to stay after for Zumba as well (I can't see driving all that way for just one hour anyways, and I'm ok with looking like a retarded, non-mexican, salsa dancer). Due to my severe lack of gyrating coordination, I try to pick a spot directly behind the instructor so I can stare at her feet the entire hour as I lamely mimic her in the back row. However, today Zumba 101 was joined by a heavyset, early 20's girl, accompanied by her heavierset, emo boyfriend (yeah, Emo Zumba is all the rage apparently). They stood right between me and the instructor, and then proceeded to stand so close to each other that they created a human wall of flesh, blocking about 8 people's view. If she went left, they went right. It was the single most confusing class I've ever taken part of. The instructor actually had to tell them to move apart because they were blocking everyone else (it didn't really matter because they were like a set of chubby magnets, drawn back to one another between each song). And that's not all! These two jug heads couldn't figure out how to move forward after she did an 8-step back, so they were basically dancing on top of me for the last 15 minutes (I could actually SMELL them, this is how close they were to me... and I couldn't back up because I was at the wall.... I was finally able to see the instructor by peering through his ear gauge). Yoga, please come back to the Y, and quickly.... one more work out like this and I'll NEED the rest and relaxation you bring!