Winter can go ahead and kiss my very pale behind. I'm just about over this below-freezing weather and bad roads business. Our house was at 59 degrees when I woke up the other morning. 59! I didn't even know it could get that cold INSIDE! The cold, dry air is also aiding to my now-frequent nose bleeds. According to my bathroom garbage can, I can create my own horror movie pretty soon. And I must say, it's largely inconvenient to put on mascara while you're trying to pinch the bridge of your nose AND hold a wad of kleenex in your nostril. But it's not just the nose bleeds. I can't even get my car up our driveway without a running start from down the road. And even then, there's no telling what will happen halfway up the drive. In fact, I got stuck near the house over the weekend. Realizing that spinning my tires was just digging myself into a hole, I tried to put kitty litter down to give myself some traction. By the way, don't try this. It DID'T give me any traction, but it DID spray kitty litter all over my car (which is, by far, one of the grossest smells ever... and it's all I can smell when I'm near my car now. yay!). Winter, please leave. No one likes you and you suck.