Even PETA would kill this cat. Seriously. Never in my life have I seen an animal be as bipolar as this creature! For the longest time, I felt bad for the two cats that live in our basement. Battle Cat, the mangy black fighter that she is, at least has a lovable side. She received her name after ferociously attacking one of my dogs (on two different occasions) out in the yard. She's grounded to the basement now, where she is happy to stay, soaking up a little attention now and again when I pass her on the stairs. But Waddles is a different story. She is the prettier of the two cats (not hard to beat) and she purrs constantly (do NOT be lured in). Only when you go to pet her, she waits till you've given her 2-3 strokes before she hisses and slices open part of your arm. She's like one of the pretty girls we all knew growing up... she has the best hair and knows how to get you to trust her, and then she pulls out her claws and the real beast comes out! It's to the point where I dread doing laundry (like tonight) because she hides underneath the stairwell and then attacks my legs with her pointy little, shards-of-glass she uses as claws while I unload the clothes from the dryer. Those mood swings of hers are going to land her directly into the side of the concrete wall the next time she lacerates my ankles. I'm gonna give that cat something to waddle about!