Every wife wants to please her husband with a delicious meal, no matter how Donna Reed-circa-1950's that sounds. There is something to be said about thinking up something delicious and nutricious, putting the meal into the oven, and then watching as he tastes it and smiles. On days that the smile is slightly forced, a girl may feel disappointed. On days that there is no smile at all and he gags at the taste, a girl may spit in his next mornings coffee. But today- today I hit it out of the park! Not only did my husband smile, but he groaned, sighed happily, and stated it was the best meal he had ever had. So, as I stand here, holding my spatula-shaped award, I'd like to thank all those that could make this meal possible. Kenmore, we've had our differences, but I'm so proud that we were able to put them aside to make this evening possible. FitSecret, your recipes and calorie-conscious ways have inspired me to cook in ways I never thought imaginable. And to the Tilapia fish that sacrificed their lives for our meal, we are forever grateful. Thank you, and goodnight.

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