My favorite snack is popcorn. We started trying new popcorn toppings to make our favorite snack even more inventive. We tried garlic powder and parmesan, yeast flakes (our ultimate favorite), and a ranch packet... all very delicious. For a wedding gift, we received an air popper. These are sooo much quicker and easier to use than popcorn on the stove, and less calories than pan or microwave popcorn. Needless to say, we use the thing constantly! It only figures that the appliance most loved and used in our house gets eaten by his stupid mutt... I mean, come on, she couldn't have eaten the mini george forman or the old blender? There were pieces of air popper all over the house, displaying the largest pieces on the guest bed upstairs (I know this because I found a piece with my bare foot and followed the shards into the other room). First the ink pens, then Baby Bear Jesus, and now my popper! I think it's time to banish that rampaging chewing-machine to the basement with the other awful animals and leave the lovely, sweet, non-chewing animals (mine) upstairs in the land of well-behaved beings. He seems to think she's jealous that I've moved in so she's eating my things. I think she's just got Pica and is psychotic. Either way, the dog apparently needs therapy (and therapy is always best served in a basement, right?).

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