Since I knew that New Year's Day was going to fall on a Saturday, I had great plans to work on my resolutions. I was going to eat amazingly healthy and I was going to have a killer work out to kick in the New Year. And then I woke up. I was sore, sleepy (my body can't handle midnight anymore), and completely in the mood to stay in bed on this rainy holiday. So I did. Around 11am, my hubby, who had also been lounging profusely, said we should make a big breakfast for our day of relaxation. With my resolution to eat healthy, I started my first meal of the new year off with greasy hash browns, cheesy eggs, bacon, and buttery toast. Naturally the heaviness of the meal made me immediately tired, and the grease made me immediately nauseous, so I decided that instead of exercising, I'd go back to bed and watch tv/nod off for the next 5 HOURS!
I couldn't take my disgusting laziness for another minute, so I suggested that me and my guy play Wii sports... nothing will get the blood pumping like the Wii, right? Well, that is until you learn every motion from the seated position. How healthy is Wii sports while you sit in a recliner? Overall, the New Year was spent breaking every resolution made and even finding ways to be lazier than before.....I'm so proud of myself I could just burst (but bursting would probably require too much effort and I wouldn't accomplish that either....).