I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy being an idiot. (To clarify, I enjoy being an idiot BY CHOICE, not those moments when you feel like an idiot at a work meeting, in church, or by accident.) During a moment of idiocy (intentional idiocy), I thought it would be fun to "seduce" my husband using my womanly ways of super-funny-mock-dancing. I just KNEW that the sight of me "shaking my groove thang" as I did the Running Man, followed naturally by Stirring The Pot, would drag him away from his video games and put him in the mood for some affection. Well, to my surprise and utter dismay, he barely gave me a notice. So I thought I'd step it up a notch and add in a few Shakira gyrations with a final "backin' it up" move (thank you, Beyonce). STILL NOTHING! Finally, I tried pulling out all the stops as I did the Twist, pursing my lips and squinting my bedroom-eyes.... yes, I do realize that I probably looked like I was having a stroke, but I was TRYING to use my idiot-ness in a new and creative way. My husband simply looked at me and said, "Hey, you should make your own TV show. You can call it So You Think You Can Mom Dance." Well, I'm sure you and your video game will be very happy together.