It appears that despite large amounts of medicated eye drops and disgusting eyeball salve, Molly still resembles a pirate. (She doesn't have the parrot yet, but she surely has the one-eye part down pat.) I feel terrible for my food-driven girl, because she knows that when it's medicine time (3 times a day!), she gets a treat... but she also knows that she HATES getting the gooey stuff put into her eyes. You can actually watch the inner debate going on as you stare into her one good eye. She's utterly torn. Not that I can blame her, really. The drops that go into her eye in the morning (we discovered after she began gagging and spraying spittle and foam from her mouth) taste VERY bitter and pretty much like rubbing alcohol (and yes, I did taste the drops, just to be sure), so when her less-than-perfect parents try to get the drops into a squirming puppy's eye, it tends to run down her cheek (which she laps up immediately) and then the frothing begins. She's practically a capaccino machine. The other struggle is the fact that she isn't supposed to be exposed to bright light since the drops leave her pupil fully dilated 24/7. I felt selfish being so excited that we had a sunny day out, because I realized quickly that it just made my girl squint all the more. It looks like my husband had it right... it's time to invest in some Doggles (doggy goggles).

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