So far I can't exactly say the New Year has been all that "Happy" to date. Today is only the fourth day into 2011 and we've already lost a cat to kidney disease (and dog trauma), my dog developed a cataract after we removed an animal claw from her eye (we have NO idea how or what did this... the oddest thing ever to be pulled out of an eye, I'm pretty sure), and we attended one viewing for Pat's family (another one is scheduled for another family member later this week). However, despite the multiple tears I've shed this week, I'm choosing to find a silver lining (any one will do) and that is to enjoy the irony that our CAT suffered DOG trauma, and our DOG now has a CATaract. (Yes, I DO know how utterly ridiculous I am... please appreciate my lame attempt to add a modicum of humor to this otherwise miserable week.)