I know that I'm not alone in my on and off battle with insomnia. I'm sure there are many out there that have those nights where they know they have to get up really early (some of us for seriously long trainings over an hour away), so you try super hard to sleep, and the harder you try, the more you can't sleep as you count down the hours of rest you can still get if you fall asleep... right... NOW!? Yeah, so I only ended up with an hour and a half of sleep last night. I've been up since 2:38am precisely. I know this because I stared at my clock until about 5:15 when I decided that it was time to get up and get a work out in before heading to Pittsburgh for the day.
What I realized this morning is that there are a good number of things that are incredibly difficult to do when you haven't slept....
Thing #1: Walking. (I did a lot of wobbling back and forth and bumped into many things that come up to my knees and hips today...bruises to follow.)
#2: Exercising. (I really was delirious when I attempted (very poorly I might add) to walk this morning and then thought "hey, that was a bust, let's try adding some speed!")
#3: Making Complete Thoughts. (I started saying something a million times today and then just stopped...I don't even remember what they were about since this morning seems like a million years ago.)
#4: Driving. (I decided that expressway construction, narrowed lanes, men working VERY close to the road, and changing lanes is awfully risky when your eyes are glazed over from lack of sleep and watery from allergies....it was similar to trying to drive wearing swimming goggles that are half-filled with water...and my reaction time was probably equally as fast as if I were in a pool as well!)
And #5: Putting Dog Salve Into A Dog's Eye. (My hubby took Molly into the vet today to find out that she had a corneal ulcer from the animal claw that was in her eye.... the key is to give her 2 different types of eye drops 3 times a day, AND to squeeze out of a little tube this hardened, vaseline-like salve.... DIRECTLY ONTO HER EYEBALL. If you can't picture how sick that is, find a family member, hold them down, have someone hold their eye open, and then squeeze oragel onto their cornea.... then try it again on no sleep.)
I have every intention of punching Mr. Insomnia in the groin if he comes a'callin tonight. Mark my words.