I love you enough to empty the dishwasher and load the regular dishes, but just not enough to wash the greasy pans. This is apparently the message that my husband is trying to send me. Well, two can play this game! I suppose I can show him how much I love him by doing his laundry and forgetting to add the soap.... or maybe by baking him a cake, but leaving the oven off while I pop it in to bake. Which leads me to the next oddity of the Costa household. Not only do we have unwashed pots and pans, but we have a possessed oven. Apparently Kenmore likes to throw in a lemon now and again, just to keep the public on their toes. For a couple of months now, our oven smokes up immediately upon pressing the Broil button. And anything that is cooked anywhere near the correct temperature for the correct amount of time is burnt to a crisp. I can say that it makes for a rousing game of cooking roulette everyday, but I'm not really a gambling woman. And this non-gambler's heart leaps everytime I look at the stove and see the red light shining, saying that something is still turned on, despite the fact that I know for a fact everything is safely turned off and completly cool. At least my hubby saved me a few steps in the dishwashing process tonight (thank you, baby!), but Kenmore, you're sleeping on the couch.

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