I've decided that it's too hard to find time to dye my hair. It sounds silly, espcially since this requires me to do nothing but sit still for less than an hour once every few months. Yet try as I may, I have not found an hour to sit! Sure, while I'm paying bills I could wrap up in a towel and suck in the fumes of chemically enhanced beauty, but I doubt I could do it without sending the cable company a sample of my new color. Nor is it wise to exercise while dripping a lovely shade of "warm autumn" onto the floor, mixing with sweat as it drips down my face. And cooking dinner is OBVIOUSLY out, unless I'm trying to poison both me AND my husband in one fell swoop (and let's face it, I've gotta save SOMETHING for the 50th wedding anniversary). So, instead of staining the bills, sweating out dye, and killing my family, I've decided to go with the gray. Highlights never go out of style, right? And my gray happens to be coming in with a beautiful face-framing action, almost like a halo. Why would I want to cover up my natural angelic glow with warm autumn, anyways?

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