I live in a fruit graveyard! This healthy kick of ours has been incredible for our vegetable intake, but I keep buying fruit and it keeps rotting in our fruit bowl on the kitchen table. I feel like our intentions are always good. Buy the fruit, set it out with breakfast, but then eat everything and realize I'm full, so I put the fruit back. Then I pack fruit with my lunch, take it to work, and leave it on my desk for a few weeks until I can't stand the look (and smell) of the shrively science project that has taken over. I did try putting our fruit in the refridgerator to help keep it fresh for longer, but there's never any room on the shelves, so it gets put into one of those "crisper" drawers. First of all, who in the world thinks that a drawer can make soft food become crispy? Secondly, does anyone have a husband that actually acknowledges the presence of those drawers? 'Cause mine sure doesn't! Anything that goes into those cubby holes in the fridge might as well be lost and gone forever. My husband holds to the idea that I'm "hiding" food from him when I put anything in there, no matter how many times I tell him that the produce goes into the drawers MARKED FOR PRODUCE! Besides, putting apples and pears in the fridge is really like putting off the inevitable. It's basically life support for fruit. Eventually we all pull the plug but we feel better about ourselves if we wait as long as possible. It gives us a chance to say goodbye... and I hope our last tangerine knows that he will be sadly missed.