Apparently I have to verify that my blog is actually being written by me. Seriously, who else would post this stuff! Anyways, somewhere in my blog I have to put this secret verification code (so secret that I made it the title of today's post). However, I don't know if you've noticed, but 7BW6AAC745SQ is not exactly easy to throw into a sentence without drawing some significant attention.

I tried using it as a quote: Oh my gosh, it was so funny when Pat screamed "7BW6AAC745SQ!".
I tried using it in parentheses (to hide it of course): Work was just so-(7BW6AAC745SQ)-so today.
And I tried making it a smaller font: The dogs puked AGAIN 7BW6AAC745SQ!

   Alas, none of it worked, so I just decided to put it out there.... tell my secret verification code to the world. I'll raise my fist to the man on this one (the blog man, that is) and I'll show my defiance outright. PS, for those of you who actually like this blog, so sorry if it's pulled by "the man" later tonight.