Nothing says "Happy Holidays!" quite like a spousal argument, silent treatment, and a fist-full of stubborness. Needless to say, our holidays were incredibly happy during our trip back home from Michigan after a meaningless argument over packing the car. Equally as fun was our decision to carry this argument over for another full day ('cause that's obviously both therapeutic and healthy of us.... good thing I'm a therapist and he works in the mental health field and that we're both VERY well-versed in conflict resolution and positive coping skills. If the tax-payers only knew that we refuse to apply these skills to our personal lives....) Anyways, we continued to be nasty before ignoring the conflict for the rest of the day (always the best approach, really). The only problem was that I grew tired of being stubborn and "right" or "justified" today (maybe I'm being a softy, or maybe I'm just getting too old, lacking the amount of stamina needed to keep a good fight going for too long anymore). I didn't WANT to be right if it meant feeling alone in this big house for another night (I'd rather feel like a real couple again... as we walk away to our now full-time separate bedrooms).
I held my ground till I got home from work this evening... I tried to pass him by in the driveway and just go inside until my "rightful" apology came. But I couldn't do it. I needed my welcome-home hug and my comforting evening kiss. So I took it. I didn't need mistletoe, I just needed my husband.