I have no idea how it's possible, but my picky eater of a husband loves sushi rolls. He has the pallet of a 6 year old, yet he can ingest raw fish quite happily. On our honeymoon, we participated in a sushi-making class which consisted of more tasting than anything, but we decided it's really quite easy, so we'll make some at home... except we live in the middle of no where and our grocery stores wouldn't DREAM of carrying seaweed paper or sticky rice. So we decided to try a new sushi restaurant tonight to get our raw needs met (get it? raw needs?), each of us ordering a sushi roll, clear soup, and a meal. Toward the end of my meal, I started getting a burning sensation on my toungue, inner lip, and under my nose... it started itching like mad and, as I sat there, scratching my tongue against my upper teeth, I realized that there's a very real possibility that my whole head could swell up at any second. So I was wiping under my nose with ice water and sucking on ice cubes, trying to get this weird sensation to go away as we drove to the nearest grocery store (in search of benedryl? Nope... we found seaweed wraps and sticky rice!). The itching and burning went down in my mouth from about a 9 to a 2, whereas my nose is still at a 4, as are my cheeks and jawline. But I'm just happy that we can try this all again tomorrow in the coziness of our own home.