It was an exhausting day. This may be due to the double dose of benedryll I consumed before bed (to offset the allergic reaction to the sushi restaurant from the night before), or the fact that I drove all day in a snow storm (leaving me tense, especially after I spun out in an intersection), or maybe it's due to the incredibly hard yoga class I had tonight (seriously, we're talking pretzel positions, back bends, and partial hand stands.... I thought yoga was supposed to be relaxing!). Nevertheless, when I finally pulled into the driveway, I was cold, wet, and shaky (re: spin out and hand stands).
I walked into the kitchen and find my husband (standing in a long sleeve t-shirt and long johns, which was funny and endearingly cute all at the same time) standing over a beautifully set table (nice napkins and fancy serving dishes included) and homemade sushi rolls, fresh green beans, blackberries, and tea. My heart literally melted (unlike my toes and fingers) as I saw the sweet effort he put in to make my evening lovely:)
To sum up: 1) No allergic reaction so far, and 2) I have the bestest hubby ever!

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