It has to be said that my hubby is wonderful. He's like an ice cream sundae, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.... he's not great for my diet, but he's really sweet and comforting:) For those of you that don't know it, my man is not a holiday fan, nor is he into socializing a whole lot... he IS happy cutting down trees, playing with a chain saw, and getting dirty in the cold. However, he also knows that I AM a very social person that NEEDS to get together with friends, play games, laugh, etc., and that I absolutely adore the holidays. So what does my better-than-chocolate-man do? He offers to go Christmas caroling (PS, he hates singing), see the Nutcracker (twice actually, because he saw it once (and hated it) with a client and then offered to see it again with me because he knows I like it), participate in the Christmas program at church, and decorate the house. Now, it's no matter that we didn't go caroling and we never went to see the Nutcracker.... my man knew it would mean something to me to offer it. And when we don't have friends to socialize with (we ARE in the sticks, afterall), he offers to play games with me or do an activity together. So my husband can fatten my hips any day of the week, because his sweetness is worth it.

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