Well, our Christmas in Michigan has officially begun. We've watched holiday movies, we started (and probably will never complete) a holiday puzzle, and we attended our Christmas Eve party with family. The holiday spirit is in full swing, except for one small oversight on my part. I forgot to get my husband a card to open on Christmas morning with his presents (it's my first year at this, cut me some slack). So Hubby was on his way to run a few errands this morning and asked if I needed anything... I told him that I needed a card for him still and asked if he would wait for me to come with him. He apparently didn't want to wait for an hour until I got cleaned up, so he went without me. He DID, however, return home with a card that he bought FOR HIMSELF that is to be from me. The card's cover has a big teddy bear on it and says "For A Very Special Boy!" It is literally a card for a 6-year-old. So I signed it and put it underneath the tree. He is, afterall, a very special boy.