As much as I like to blame my husband for things, this one I can't seem to pin on him. One of our little furry munchkins (HIS dog) has been chewing things around the house. Perhaps she's bored, maybe she's jealous, but either way, we know it's her. The other day, I came home to one of our new coasters chewed to shreds and strewn about the house.... naturally, we blamed her (well, I also blamed Pat for leaving the door open to the room where the coasters are currently residing... he took the brow beating rather graciously).
Today, however, I had to suck it up and take responsibility for my own lack of door closing, as well as for my own little furball. As I pulled up to the house, Milo did his usual move and ran to the window to see who had arrived (tail wagging, causing full-body wagging in the window... it's really very cute). Molly joined in, body wagging, thoroughly happy to see me, completely unaware that she has done something wrong.... as I stared at her through the window, my mouth dropped when I noticed that she didn't have a raw hide in her mouth, but one of our coasters with the letter "C" on it... a wedding present.
I tried scolding her through the window, but she just wagged away, so happy I was home. When I got inside, I took the coaster away and scolded her (which I'm pretty sure just confused the crap out of the poor girl; she rolled onto her back very submissively just before kissing/soaking my entire leg). I went to put the chewed coaster with the rest of the pile. But wait.... the rest of the pile was gone. Vanished. Shreds of little coaster parts littered the floor. She ate the entire pile of coasters (at least 8 were in that pile!).... they really do resemble her treats (in her defense) and I couldn't blame my husband (he wasn't even home). I saved the chewed coaster.... it was a wedding gift, afterall.