It turns out that the Rotten Eggs was a precursor to someone getting the flu today. After an upset stomach all morning, my hubby attempted to go to work, only to turn around and come right back home (stopping along the way, trying not to get sick in his truck). So we cancelled our plans for the evening and stayed home, lounging and relaxing until he felt better.
Strangely enough, lounging turned my left leg into jello. Seriously. How did I know that my leg was jello? Well, I started out standing, and I ended up on the ground, that's how I know. It must have been quite the sight. I literally took a step out of bed (and this is where the slippery wood floors and the super soft socks got the better of me) and my knee just stopped being a knee, leaving me to crumble to the ground. I stood back up and locked my knee (which worked wonders) and then I bent it to take a step and down I went. AGAIN! This occurred about 6 or so times. No pain, no problems when the knee was locked, the dumb thing just wouldn't work when it was bent! So I straight-legged it back into bed where my knee began cramping, so I decided to go with it and play lame for another hour and a half. Apparently that was my leg's way of telling me that I needed more television time, because after I watched a few more shows, my knee was ready to join the land of the walking again. And so our house is back to full health once more.