I LOVE holidays! Ask anyone. I'm the biggest fan of holiday food, decorations, festive parties, cheerful songs, etc... but I've decided this year that what I REALLY want the most is normalcy. The last year was packed full of event after event and this upcoming year is going to be equally as full... all I want is for things to be normal, just for a few minutes, so that I can get back to some form of a schedule. My back goes out... can I see my chiropractor this week? No! Why? Because he's gone for the holidays. Can I get my clients information on upcoming programs? No! Because they're all closed until January 3rd. Not to mention the numerous client no-shows for the past month due to them "forgetting" we had an appointment in all of the holiday rush... really, people? Write it down like the rest of the world has to (I even bought them planners... you'd think that would help but it doesn't!). And it only figures that one of the dogs would crap on the rug today while we were gone... heck, the holidays have messed up my "regularity" (pardon the crudeness), so why shouldn't it mess up theirs? New Years, please come quickly... and then go away! (This here ends the rant of the Grinch of New Years Present.)