I had a bit of an emotional breakdown this weekend. The last few years of steadily gaining pound after pound catches up with me now and again, creating a weepy, snotting mess of a woman. So after this particular breakdown, I tried combating my mood with humor. Perhaps if I poke fun at myself (and my ever-growing fat cells) then maybe I'll accept where I am with my weight instead of feeling terrible about it all.
That's a great idea (some would say).... if my hubby wasn't feeling "intimate" I'd say something like, "it's because I'm fat, right?" (with a giggle). If he said I missed a spot cleaning up the counter, I'd respond with "Obviously my fat is starting to cloud my vision." We have been laughing and having a good time about it, and it's honestly making me feel better about my situation.... thankfully, my man knows better than to join into this game (minus the occasional jelly-belly comment, or pointing out that a bigger belly just means my boobs won't sag so much... which I'm still not sure how to take that one...). He has reminded me that he thinks I'm beautiful no matter what, and even if there is more of me to go around, he doesn't have to share me with anyone. (Insert "Aww".)