I managed to make it through the day fairly successfully, considering it WAS my first day back after the yucky flu. Around 3pm, however, I became rather tired, irritable, and my gums started to hurt (my classic sign that the infection still resides), but I was determined not to miss my yoga class tonight. So I sucked it up (and blew it out as the case may be) until my 6:30 class. As I sat in the warm hallway, waiting for aerobicize to end (yeah, it's really called that), all I really wanted was to curl up in that overstuffed, sweaty gym chair and fall asleep to the sounds of clanging weights and echos of locker-room banter. But no! I was not going to give into my base needs, not when my body had layed around collecting fat cells all weekend.
What I failed to consider before attending my class, was the fact that downward dog (along with all of the other downward poses that yoga entails) would, in fact, make my internal congestion become external. It was around the 5th forward fall that I had to start swallowing snot in order to prevent it from jumping out of my face and onto my mat. And once warrior 3 hit, I HAD to grab my kleenex.... and lets just say that I completely ruined the very serene atmosphere for the girls around me tonight. I sounded like all kinds of phlegm and boogery goo as I filled 3 tissues (skillfully missing out on tricep push ups). On the bright side, my yoga instructor seems to think that despite my nasal passage woes, I would actually benefit from becoming an instructor :) Ah, I make quite the impression.