My hubby and I had a lovely weekend together. Friday night we enjoyed each other's company by watching a depressing movie (just because something has 4 stars doesn't mean it's a feel-good movie of the year!). Then, on Saturday, we had a date night and went out for a wonderful dinner (I got to have pumpkin ravioli again and it was delicious!). Unfortunately, due to having been eating so healthy lately, the heavy meal made us both unhappy in our tummy's and one of us (not me) left the bathroom in a fairly sinful state and then proceded to sin all night long under the covers. But we laughed and joked and then fell asleep to a movie (a much funnier pick this time). And today, after church, I made a huge dinner for us and his family (all very healthy and low fat), and then they praised me repeatedly. I beamed (humbly, of course) and enjoyed the compliments. This was my practice for Thanksgiving dinner, which I'm going to do as low fat as possible (but still tasty.... I hope) with the use of new herbs to increase taste. And now, to finish this weekend, we're going to attempt some couch time together and try to stay awake past 9pm and prove that we are NOT 60 years old.