If today were a Red Carpet event, I would dub it the Tremendous Husband Awards. I would dress up in a beautiful, long, flowing gown and my hubby would wear his camo shorts (commando style, I'm sure) and a hoodie (afterall, it IS his day, he should get to be comfortable, no?). Together we would strut down that red carpet with all the confidence in the world that he would take home the plaque (afterall, I did nominate him repeatedly today).
What did my man do to deserve these nominations? First, he got up and, upon realizing that I had a headache, he made me breakfast.... IN BED. (Dippy eggs, just the way I like them, with buttered toast and orange juice.) Second, he cleaned the kitchen. I'm not even kidding. He loaded the dishwasher (he even rinsed the dishes off before loading!), wiped down the counters, scrubbed the skillet, and hand-washed what would not fit in the dishwasher. If you like that, you're gonna love this... then he SWEPT the floors, even moving the couch to collect the dog hair balls that were floating about AND fixed the sofa cover!! (Please note that the nominations are just adding up at this point.) Then we get to church (which was freezing cold) and he sat with his arm around me trying to keep me warm, even though I know this is uncomfortable in those pews and he gets a kink in his back pretty quickly. After this, he procedes to be sweet at pie to me all morning (and evening), kissing my hand, complimenting me, asking me if I want HIM to cook dinner..... he even worked down in the basement WITHOUT getting upset and yelling at anything! I don't want to praise him too much and jinx this amazing day, but I have to say it... The Tremendous Husband Award goes to.... (drum roll....) .... PATRICK COSTA!! (I love you, Bubba!)