Have you ever had an ominous feeling, like you just know something is going to go wrong and you try to mentally prepare yourself for it ahead of time? I am SUPER familiar with this feeling, probably because I tend to have rather poor luck and God knows my OCD flares up without a heads up, so he sends me a mental warning so I can get ready for whatever is to come. Last night, hubby and I sat on our living room floor playing games for hours, laughing, having a great time. We were all snuggled into bed when my heads up arrived. Some may call me a pessimist, or a negative nellie, but when I woke up to dog puke all over the carpet, our picture window filling with rain water (on the INSIDE!), and our 5-day-thawing turkey still frozen, I stuck my proverbial tongue out at all of those who question my intuition.
Having prepared myself, however, I had a quick cry, cleaned everything up, and got to cooking. We had a wonderful day with our family, eating delicious food and enjoying each others' company. My man even tried everything I made (with the exception of the potatoes) and liked it! So overall, our first Thanksgiving together was a success, even if it was slow-starting:).