I find that everyone with my phone number seems to have impecable timing when it comes to calling me. My husband is first on this list. If I were a gambling woman, I would bet a large amount of money on the fact that my phone will ring, more than likely from my man, the very moment that I put my hands into the soapy dishwater, I step into the shower, sit down to do my daily "business", get on an important phone call, have my hands full with groceries, or just begin a favorite tv show. And if I do not answer, it's not like he goes away.... I know that my phone will ring at least once a minute until I pick up, and naturally there will be a few text messages in between. It's not that my husband stalks me, because I just seem to have this luck with mostly everyone who calls me regularly.
Now, lets transfer this luck to the fact that I'm on-call at my job for the next WEEK. This is a 24/7 on-call system, so the moment my head hits the pillow.... ring ring? Luckily my boss is keeping her phone on to help me through any crisis calls for the first couple times I'm up for this swell position, but lets just hope that my husband's impecable timing does NOT transfer over to my work phone! (And just for kicks, I think I'm going to start calling him everytime he sits down to read his book.... hehe :))