I like the thrill of getting scared. I enjoy scary movies, intense scenes where you're just waiting for someone to jump out and then BAM!!! It's fun to tell ghost stories around a fire and to play pranks on people to freak them out. But this week I saw something that was so scary I can barely talk about it.
It began at night, close to dawn but still dark outside. The house was quiet with just the faint muffle of puppy snores. The dim glow from the hallway nightlight was all that lit the bedroom when I got up to get a drink of water. As my eyes began to adjust, I looked across the bed and saw it.... my husband.... naked as a jay bird.... hairy as a beast.... SPOONING MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!
My poor, helpless Molly, layed there completely unaware of this obvious violation, snoring softly and enjoying this extra-special cuddle, while my husband layed there, inhibitions apparently aside, leg over top of her, nuzzling her neck with his face.
I'm struggling with nightmares now, food has lost his taste, and I rock in a corner whenever my dog comes near me. I just don't know how to move on from this.....