Whereas the purplish hair remains, it has somewhat faded to a darker auburn. However, because my hair was so long when I dyed it, it didn't dye evenly, so there are shades of the original light brown and blonde highlights that show through, making me look slightly more punk than I intended. So today, I'd had it. I was sick of long hair. My hubby likes long hair, but really, it's just a pain in the buttocks and I decided that my happiness is truly more important than his :) So I got it chopped! Approximately 6 inches fell to my feet at the salon as Lori chopped and layered and blew dry my Barney locks. In fact, Lori actually liked my coloring job! (I always knew I liked that woman.) My husband anxiously awaited my arrival (aka texted me every ten minutes to see when I would be home). As I emerged from the car, my hubby grinned, gave me a kiss, and asked me if we could "sleep in the same bed tonight". Apparently my Barney-do is super sexy in my man's eyes and we can both enjoy happiness afterall.