After just shy of the 3 month mark, my husband and I have discovered the joy of seperate bedrooms. As fond as I have become of his nightly moans, gas, and snoring, it was a welcome change when my man realized that the large bags under my eyes were not my attempts at the latest makeup trend, but really signs of utter exhaustion from lack of sleep. Therefore, he suggested he sleep in the spare bedroom last night. And wonders of wonders, this little wifey slept like a baby on a cloud made of lavender squishyness and melatonin-like cotton balls. I put in a movie of choice, turned on the sleep timer, and swept myself away into the center of the king-sized bed, down comforter snuggled up to my ears, dehumidifier humming, and the ocean noises playing on my alarm clock. No one got up to pee at night (hitting the bed and jostling it into the wall on their way back to bed), no one smacked me in the face with the weight of a dead arm, and no one breathed heavily onto my face with breath smelling of sunflower seeds.... but tonight, I will allow him back into our marital bed. Afterall, what good is being married if you can't reach over and touch someone at night (but the night after is fair game).

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