I'm sorry, but all day trainings are for the birds. I spent 8 hours listening to a very odd woman talk about making rituals with families and using "creative" (slash CRAZY) metaphors with clients to help them look at their problems in a new way. I get that, really I do. But when we start bringing in Star Trek characters, the Wizard of Oz, and various food products, it really just gives me the giggles.... and it ALSO gives my co-workers the giggles too, as we lost our ability to control ourselves around the 7th hour. Thank God for other social workers that don't get too caught up in the over-analyzation that is our career!
After work I was able to go to a church meeting with my hubby and then watch ridiculously silly sitcoms while I nurse this flu/cold that has been attacking me recently. I think around Metaphor 218 I realized I had injested my last cough drop, but my hubby is doing a wonderful job of helping me relax and unwind from my day of butt kissing (I mean, engaging in very USEFUL training discussions). Time for bed:)