What I thought was simple PMS back aches and post-turkey day soreness has turned into full-on back spasms, tightness, and inability to bend the full way over without coming to my knees. Yet this did not stop me from organizing my husband's "man room", decorating for Christmas, and going on our date night (although after the first two activities, I required a portable heating pad and a man that could handle my constant gasps if I moved the wrong way.... and he did). We went to see the new animated movie called Tangled, the story about Rapunzel (which was really cute, by the way.... even if we're perceived as creepy for being the only adults there that DIDN'T have a small child with us). The movie was super cute, but our date night's completion was sadly given a rain check due to the spasming lower back. I'm very blessed, however, to have a husband that still considers it a good night when he sees a kid's movie with his wife:)

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