After about 5 days of getting worse, I believe that today my fever broke and I'm heading upward toward the land of Health. I've been in the final stages of blowing, sniffing, and draining today, but my energy has come back (mostly). (That could be due to the fact that I was in bed literally from 2:30pm Friday until 11am this morning.) I was very impressed by my hubby's sweetness to me during my days of sickness. He cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, and made me all my meals in bed (even going to get me my beloved ginger ale from the store). He rented me movies and checked on me often... I was very well taken care of. Although today I was in a nagging mood for some reason and jumped all over his case for every chair he didn't push in and every crumb he didn't wipe up.... He told me that he's SOOO glad I'm back to my old self :) (however, I DID feel bad for being grumpy and we made up). Back to work and a short week!