After learning that I will finally be able to get allergy testing (thank you, JESUS!!!!!), I got very motivated to be healthier. I can't make it to the gym regularly anymore due to my job schedule, so I have to improvise. Yoga and Pilates during the week, gym when I can, healthy eating DAILY. My man uses his smart phone (my phone is apparently stupid?) to calculate his calories for the day using the FatSecret application. Well, it turns out you can use them for free online as well, so we decided to start logging in everything we eat, beginning with today. So if anyone wants to join, we can motivate each other on their website and do this together! I've got 18 unwanted pounds to shed, and it's good to know that I have my man helping me:) We did our protein shakes, TONS of vegetables today (thank you, Katie;), salad, and lean protein. And Pat actually LIKED the food a lot! So I think we can do this if we really try. And one day, when I can breathe through my nose again, I will feel even more wonderful!

PS, this is NOT an advertisement for a smart phone or an application.... I secretly think smart phones are a semi-retarded craze that makes people overly dependent on one piece of technology and unable to make it through the day without rushing to it every few seconds.... that being said, I want one.