It's just been one of those days where everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. My man and I decided to try the same bed together again last night and, naturally, I was up most of the night. I had crazy weird dreams and just tossed and turned all night. Then, because it had rained last night, the ground was muddy and someone whom shall remain nameless kept letting the dogs back in with muddy feet (in his defense, he WAS wiping them off, but this was a time when we needed a bucket of water to wash them down), so I ended up in a huge row with him before work, making me late to run out the door. As I'm headed out the door, my boss calls to tell me that I hadn't entered my daily log into the computer from the day before and all logs were due today... she said she'd enter it for me, but that's rather difficult since I brought the log home with me. But I was in a hurry to get to the doctor's office for some allergy testing, so I thought, hey, I'll see if they'll fax it for me (which they did, as I waited 50 minutes for the nurse to arrive to do my allergy testing!... once again, in her defense, the receptionist never logged my appointment into the books, so she had forgotten I was coming in today). As a side note, please let me point out that EVERY time I walked out the door today, it began to rain (this happened 4 times).
As I sat there with my sleeve rolled up, I asked the kind nurse if this was going to hurt. "Oh, not hardly at all honey, just on the ones you're allergic to." Wouldn't you know it, I'm apparently allergic to everything but the kitchen sink? I got over 30 shots shoved into a 3 inch radius of upper arm.... on the 4th shot from the end, the nurse says, "Oh, I think you're more sensitive the further down your arm I go, I'll stick to up high." Oh good! I'm glad you figured that out SO CLOSE TO THE END!! On a bright note, I can roll in 3 kinds of mold and climb a tree without getting sick, but I'm pretty much allergic to everything from grass, to dirt, to dust, to pets....things that are airborne, things that are living, things that are stationary, indoor, outdoor, you name it! And next week, just for kicks, I get to see which foods I'm allergic to as well.
So I head to work, arm bloody and burning, only to have most of my appointments cancel on me, my boss have a PMS day, and I fell down the stairs at work... probably because my shoes were WET FROM THE RAIN! Time to call it a day before something happens to the kitchen sink, too.