Well, I didn't even know that this was possible, and frankly, I'm impressed that my dog was able to develop the one bowel issue that I myself don't possess, but unfortunately, Molly has Colitis (aka, permanent-poopy-butt). Now, I know that humans can get this disease and it can be rather painful and it involves bleeding from the intestines and rectum, dehydration, and random crapping about (I'm realizing I should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of this post for those that have weak stomachs). But I had no idea that dogs could get this, as well. It appears to develop mostly in dogs that have anxiety problems (so the fact that Molly is terrified of brooms, mops, fake flowers, bras, furry coats, spatulas, new people(etc, etc, etc) leads me to believe that her puppy stress has turned into the proverbial pain in the butt!).
The strange part in all of this is not the medicine, special food, or constant clean-up.... it's the fact that the vet asked us to collect a urine sample from Molly. Ok, seriously? How in the HECK does one go about getting a dog to pee in a cup?!? We followed her around the yard for an hour in the cold (holding our mini tupperware), Molly nervously scampering away from us as she eyed the mysterious object. Have you ever seen how close a dog squats to the ground? Because I assure you, there is no cup in the world that is small enough to fit between her pee hole and the ground. But obviously a vet would know this, and yet she still asked for this impossible feat to be accomplished. Therefore, I now believe that the veterinarian is actually bugging our house and yard with hidden cameras, waiting to see how us idiots will go about collecting this urine. Oh, but I'm on to her schemes. I WILL conquer this task. (Suggestions are always welcome.....)

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