Generally speaking, I kick butt at word games. It's just who I am and I try not to brag about it. But really, it would be like Jennifer Lopez feeling guilty because she's beautiful... she just can't help it. Having this knowledge of my insane Boggle abilities, my husband usually refuses to give me the satisfaction of a game now and again..... but tonight, he was feeling badly for me because I apparently lack friends to hang out with, so he humored me and allowed me to cream him (round after round) until he was utterly tired of playing. However, he was down, but not out! I challenged him to a 10-round game of Dice (a passed down game in which the rules are still somewhat shady), and wouldn't you know it, he won (at a game with no skill and purely luck, but who's paying attention)! All kidding aside, I was grateful that my best friend chose to spend the evening neglecting what he wanted to do (chop logs up) in order to do something that would make me feel happy.... and guess what? It worked :)