Well last week DID end, and the weekend brought fun times with friends from home, including making carmel apples, a bon fire, movies, and an awesome dinner at Shakespeares. And my man surprised me by doing such a nice job of cooking us breakfast (with sliced fruit to boot!) and cleaning up after himself and others the entire weekend. He even rubbed my shoulders last night, so I honestly feel capable of starting this week. I get to experience my first week being on-call, so we'll see how that goes, especially since my allergic reactions have continued and I'm being heavily sedated with benedryll at night. Let's pray that no one calls past 9pm!
On a less than happy note, I decided to take the plunge and go red....with my hair. I picked out a beautfiful light auburn shade (as to avoid all those mishaps that have occurred before with red hair coloring). Why the past wasn't my predictor of the future, I'll never know, but once again, I have purple-ish hair. Did it lighten and turn red? Not a chance! It darkened (almost black) and has a purple glow in most lighting. Pat keeps singing "I love you, you love me...".... I can't even lash out at him because hey, I DO look like Barney!

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