Life can be funny sometimes. And by funny, I mean rude, inconsiderate, up and down, and just plain awful. (Life sounds alot like PMS.) About a month ago, my car decided that it needed a new battery. Apparently the old one just wasn't cutting it anymore. So the lovely people at the store put in a new battery... and for free, they threw in a broken radiator hose as they jostled the battery into place. Since that fateful day, I've apparently been leaking anti-freeze all over our driveway, which my pig-dog smelled and thought, "DESSERT!", leading to the 10 days of diarrhea and bloody stool we had to take her to the vet for last week.
Anyways, my car has been in the shop for going on 3 days, and I borrowed my mother-in-laws car the first day, but today, today I got the honor of driving my husbands truck. The entire way to work I noticed that his brakes go all the way to the floor before STARTING to stop. I mentioned this to him. His response is, "Well, they worked yesterday." (Said with slight attitude.) Me, having no idea what that has to do with anything, respond that it does me very little good that the brakes worked yesterday, since today they do not work. His response? "Oh, ok, well I guess I made it up that they were working yesterday!" (ok, WHAT??)
So as I drive home, the truck is shaking everytime I use the brakes and I have several near rear-ending incidents, which I procede to tell my husband, who slams the door in an angry moment. (Again, I'm really not sure why this is all happening.) I ask him to not slam the door so my door wreath doesn't fall. His response? "Oh, that's right. I ALWAYS slam the door!" (Oh my gosh, seriously? Is this really happening???) So not only does my life have PMS, so does my husband! Maybe if I start walking to work now, I can make it by my appointment at 10am, but I'm sure that would be something to yell at as well.