This has been one of the busiest and most stressful weeks I've had in a while. Long days, lots of crisis at work, and trainings out the wazoo. My partner at works father passed away, which was simply gut-wrenching, especially because she found out about it at work during a meeting. I felt utterly helpless, having only known her for a short time, but completely heartbroken for her. It also reminded me of last year when my own dad had a heart scare and I found out during work. So lots of emotions have been stirred up, needless to say.
On top of that roller coaster is the fact that I had to do all of our back-to-back appointments today by myself. And wouldn't ya know it, my second appointment goes up in flames when I find out he brought 2 knives to school yesterday, tried to slice his mom's tires, and then when he punched his mom during our meeting when she tried to get the RAZOR BLADE FROM HIS HANDS!! So yeah, we restrained him, retrieved the razor, and then he ran away for a while... I'm a GREAT therapist. I also had 3 cancellations...AFTER I drove all the way there for the appointments. And yet, even with the cancelled meetings, I still managed to work an 11 hour shift, only to have to be back in tomorrow at 8 for a 12 hour shift.
Ok. I'm done complaining. My family is alive, I didn't get cut with a razor, and the cigarette smoke will eventually wash out of my hair. Life could definately be worse!