Well I'm going to count the fact that this blog didn't post the last 2 that I wrote as being totally how the rest of this day has gone.... So if you've missed me for the last few days, it's not my fault. I blame blog-world or whatever this thing is called!
Today was ridiculous right from the get go. Tell me, have you ever started your day cleaning up 8 piles of diarreah from brand new carpeting? Then, in the same day, did you have one of your dogs (I know which one) chew up an ink pen on your ONLY OTHER large area rug, completely ruining it? AND did you work a 10 hours shift, naturally being late due to the before mentioned dog poo? Oh, it's also super improtant to mention that while running 15 minutes late (causing problems at work since I had our work van key....) cleaning up dog crap, I got it all over my clothes too? Plus, this is AFTER I barely slept last night, due to being able to smell said crap throughout the house? Then, my husband has the nerve to get mad at ME for not wanting to clean up the mess with our shop vac. Really. He actually yelled at me because I didn't want to get bacteria and turds all through my vacuum!! I was also double flipped off today by a man refusing to go over 30mph in a 45 zone (one hand out of the sun roof, the other flipping me off out of the driver side window... how he did this without crashing was so impressive that I honked at him to show my level of awe), I was stuck behind 2 busses, 2 semi's, a man that was approximately 467 years old, and a bull dozer going less than 5 mph.... all that leading up to the construction that I hit once I entered town. And wouldn't you know it, my entire body broke out in severe hives; we're talking the ones that look like I'm a red head covered in freckles. They're on my scalp too, making it insanely hard to put hydrocortizone cream on them. So I took a bucket of benedryll and feel like I'm looking at things with beer goggles on, including this computer screen.
Did I mention my email account got a virus it's sending out, too? I quit tody. Period.