haha, ok, that title has nothing to do with today's blog, but Pat was commenting on our time together and asked how long we've been married. I said "two months.... or too much, however you wanna look at it ;)". Needless to say, he thought that was a great blog title, so I used it, just for him:)
We had a great weekend of working, movie watching, Halloween fun, and a fun 6-year-old's party! I got to spend time with my Mexican for the 2nd year in a row, and he enjoyed my disco attire (actually, I think he just liked the fishnet stockings, but oh well:). So, not to completely embarrass myself (but it hardly seems fair to only embarras him day after day), but we had a great time last night with the party and good conversations there and back.... so I decided, sure, let's allow the fun to continue (if you catch my drift). The only problem was that the combinations of foods I'd had throughout the day didn't lend itself nicely to my tummy... (can you see where I'm going with this???) Just as he's nearing me with that "happy boy" glint in his eye, I gave him a quick warning (but not quick enough) and just ripped one right on him. We're talking baby diaper quality gas. It's not like I did it on purpose, but the man acted like I had just shot his dog and then spit on his mother! He got all sulky, shut off the lights, and refused to get back "in the mood", despite my many apologies (ok, so I was laughing a little bit too, which may have made my apologies seem a bit disengenious...). This morning, however, I was plagued from 3:30 until about noon with a case of the runnies. THIS caused him to realize that I really wasn't just being a jerk and farting on him for no good reason, and yes, my stomach was truly upset. He has decided to forgive me, but promises to never let me live it down. So I'm beating him to the punch and telling everyone myself. My name is Shivonne Costa, and I am a Bed Farter.

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