Perhaps all of you modern folk have taken your toilets for granted. Those of us that have been remodeling for 2 months are aware of the emotional lows that come when you technically have a bathroom, but you can't use it. In fact, we didn't even have a toilet in our bathroom for about 5 weeks. And now, we have it all!
Today, my man told me that he was only going to be able to seal the underboard. Then, he sends me an exciting text that we would indeed have linoleum today! THEN he sends me a picture of our vanity, light, and countertop in! Finally, I get home and there's a toilet coming into my house!!!! I was ecstatic! Tonight, when I get up for my usual urine-break, I won't have to stumble down the stairs and get the dogs all excited, thinking they're going outside. No, TONIGHT, I will pee in peace. I love my husband:

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