Today was a super good day as far as being productive on a bunch of little things around the house that were really starting to get frustrating.... and strangely enough, they all had to do with lighting. The overhead light in our bedroom now works (thank God, cause my makeup was starting to look overly-"fierce" since I couldn't really see myself until I got outside), the outlets in our bedroom now work, we hung our chandelier and our outside lights for the front porch (which my mom completely cleaned and spider-sprayed for me:)), and we hung our living room light.
Additionally, my man did a great job installing a second shower head downstairs so we can spray the dogs off, replaced piping on the hot water heater that had gone bad, and he merged our hot and cold hoses so they equal warm water now in the basement.... I'm actually really impressed. I knew he could do plumbing, but the initiative he had and just beautiful job he did was very exciting (and it was all without being asked, which I'm more appreciative of than he realizes...) and all he asks for in return is something about white thigh highs..... ;)

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